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The sky outside her tiny square of a window was the color of a monitor, plugged into a dead source. Of course, having even that much sky in the tall, cramped, building she was currently hold up in was a luxury in and of itself, even if it was pretty much drowned out by the glare of the three computer monitors--all plugged into very live sources--around her.

It was a comparably light set-up, when set against some of the larger operations she'd pulled off, with whole vans full of equipment, but it would do. This was a light, mobile set-up, and besides, shed only been hired to do a little monitoring of a system with minimal security. A small piece of a much larger puzzle that she was very much not in charge of putting together. But that was mostly done with, unless the data points she'd already flagged popped up in the system again, so she had some time to kill.

And while she could have killed it browsing the internet for cute pictures of snakes or porn or something. But recently she'd found herself involved in something for more interesting. Or, someone, to be more precise. Someone who seemed to be active on the network right this moment, she noticed with a grin.

Adjusting her green-enameled headset to a more comfortable place, Anko pulled on of the many keyboards scattered around into her lap and typed out an IM.

SnakeLady: hey fireCrotch, you on for business or fun tonight?

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This is just a list of my active and inactive journals on LJ (and other places) used for LJRP.

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Open meme: mirror-verse
Magpie tell me all your secrets
~*~the mirror-verse meme~*~
~*~ ʇɥǝ ɯıɹɹoɹ-ʌǝɹsǝ ɯǝɯǝ~*~

Here, everything's upside-down. Green means stop. Red means go. And your character has always been the exact opposite of their canon selves. Optimus Prime is a sadistic conquerer, while Megatron leads the heroic resistance with honor and compassion. Mal Reynolds is happily employed as an Alliance dog; Karkat is timid, polite, and very well-spoken.

How will this change your characters' dynamics with their CR? Play out these shenanigans between reverse versions of your characters, or even play them against canon versions for extra confusion.

Post with your character's name and fandom in the subject line. OPTIONAL: put a general description of what the mirror-verse version

Respond with another reversed character, or even a canon character for extra confusion.



Chat with the muses!
Anko -- I am surrounded by idiots...
You've seen they're profiles down there, now interact with them here. Ask them a question, interact with them with one of your characters, whatever!

- Anko (AU, OU!Crucible, and OU!Adstringendum)
- loli!Anko (11 years old)
- Sophie Hatter (AU)
- Mamma Gkika (AU)
- Susan Sto Helit (AU)
- Donald Duck
- Mogget

If you'd like to play along, let me know here or on IM or over LJ message. If you've a specific idea in mind I can put up a post for it.

(Also, if you want to try RP-ing out a crack pairing, well, you know how I love crack.)
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Information and permissions post: Mitarashi Anko (OU - Adstringendum)
This post is for Mitarashi Anko (OU), currently at adstringendum

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Hit me up here, or on a PM if you want to RP with this character.

Same with con-crit. Hit me up here or visit my thread on the latest HMD meme.


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