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Anko -- I am surrounded by idiots...
tsukara wrote in nest_of_magpies
You've seen they're profiles down there, now interact with them here. Ask them a question, interact with them with one of your characters, whatever!

- Anko (AU, OU!Crucible, and OU!Adstringendum)
- loli!Anko (11 years old)
- Sophie Hatter (AU)
- Mamma Gkika (AU)
- Susan Sto Helit (AU)
- Donald Duck
- Mogget

If you'd like to play along, let me know here or on IM or over LJ message. If you've a specific idea in mind I can put up a post for it.

(Also, if you want to try RP-ing out a crack pairing, well, you know how I love crack.)
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What is the best way to attract a guy? You see, I've been sort of interested in someone for awhile but...

He doesn't even know I exist!

[looks her over] Well, you're not a total loss, I suppose I can help. I guess you've come to the right person.

Okay! So! Two parts. [holds up two fingers for illustration] First, appearance. You've got the cute thing going pretty good, but if you're interested in him as more than a pseudo-big brother, you're probably gonna need to grow the look up a bit. I mean, pigtails? Really? Only if you're going for sweet and innocent, honey. Though I know one or two people that-- Anyway.

Re: To Anko (AU or OU)

[-Blinks her eyes owlishly for a few moments before pondering if she should really change her hairstyle.-]

I normally wear my hair like this as of lately...


Though, he might like it better if it was loose.

[-Takes a moment to study Anko's hairstyle noticing that the other has her hair in a spiky up do.-]

Why do you wear your hair like that, miss?

It wouldn't look half bad loose. You've nice hair, at least.

Eh? [Anko ruffles a hand through the poofy part of her hair, ruminating] It's kind of how I've always worn it; it's simple, keeps it out of the way, looks cool--all that kind of thing. Firaga this time, right?

! Organizashun Thirteen! But we beat you guys already!

Uh...uh yeah! Uh-huh! Yeah, y'sure beat me good...see?

Den I'll jusht hafta beat ya again! Washn't too hard last time!

[Have a squirmy Anko, because ack! Random hug!] Hey hey hey, lady, what the heck are you doing?!

*lets go* You're so adorable! I couldn't help it.

'M not adorable. [She's looking at like you like you're crazy now, Penny] I'm cool.

You can be both, don't worry! /lalala, ignoring the looks

Nuh-uh! Cute is for, well, things like little kids and puppies and stuff. I'm not cute. I'm a ninja.

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