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Open meme: mirror-verse
Magpie tell me all your secrets
tsukara wrote in nest_of_magpies
~*~the mirror-verse meme~*~
~*~ ʇɥǝ ɯıɹɹoɹ-ʌǝɹsǝ ɯǝɯǝ~*~

Here, everything's upside-down. Green means stop. Red means go. And your character has always been the exact opposite of their canon selves. Optimus Prime is a sadistic conquerer, while Megatron leads the heroic resistance with honor and compassion. Mal Reynolds is happily employed as an Alliance dog; Karkat is timid, polite, and very well-spoken.

How will this change your characters' dynamics with their CR? Play out these shenanigans between reverse versions of your characters, or even play them against canon versions for extra confusion.

Post with your character's name and fandom in the subject line. OPTIONAL: put a general description of what the mirror-verse version

Respond with another reversed character, or even a canon character for extra confusion.



Mimino Kurumi|Yes! Precure 5GoGo|game AU optional

*You know how Milk is tsundere for every other person? This one is yandere for everyone.*

[Hey there, you adorable ball of crazy you ♥]

Ichigo Kurosaki | Bleach

[Hello ladies. Look at your man. Now back to Ichigo. Now back at your man. Now back to Ichigo. Luckily for you, he isn't Ichigo. But if he was a pervert who acted friendly and nice but was a selfish, cowardly dick underneath the facade, he'd basically be Ichigo.

Oh, and he'd have to be ashamed of his hair color, too, and be a slow learner, not to mention guilty of killing his mother to save his own life. All in all, you're better off with the man you've got. But he's going to do his best to convince you he's better.

[Have a tiny blonde draping on you, Ichi]

Hey, sexy.

Daniel Chroma | Original Character | I HAVE NO ICONS FOR THIS

[This is the biggest asshole you have ever seen. He purposefully unhelpful, snide, rude, obnoxiously loud, and worst of all? He hates animals. Especially sea-life.

This may possibly be because not too long ago his genes got mixed up with those of a stupid smelly fish.

And by stupid smelly fish I mean a vampire squid.]

[With great power comes great responsibility? Pffff. Yeah, right. This kid is probably the most irresponsible jackass you've ever met. Ever since he was bitten by that radioactive spider, he's essentially become a high-school dropout. Who needs science and geometry when you've got fucking spider-powers? And when his old pal, Eddie Brock, let him sneak a peek at their fathers' Venom symbiote? Pete couldn't help buy snag it for himself. With great power comes great infamy. And right now? Spider-Man is the most infamous menace in all New York.

So, Danny boy, you'll be running into this snot-nosed brat. He wears a black hoodie, baggy pants, and his hair's looking pretty wild. He bumps past Daniel, shoving roughly.]

Out of the way, you tool.

(Deleted comment)
[Oh....hello....crazy sister. Johan is just reading the paper as he sits on the steps. Doesn't notice you walking over.]

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)

Loki / Low Key Lyesmith | Norse mythology/American Gods

[You know how usually Loki is a skinny little fuck?

Well, this one is built.

You know how usually Loki is sharp, cunning and full of lies?

Well, this one is brutally honest, and a bit of an idiot.

You know how usually Loki is selfish, cowardly and traitorous?

This one's a bona-fide hero, out to protect the weak and fight the good fight. He's got his work cut out for him: the Aesir are all dishonorable, deceitful backstabbers. A GOD OF TRUTH AND ORDER'S WORK IS NEVER DONE.

[Oh Loki, such a hero. This lady here is practically swooning at your heroism. NOt that she's anywhere bold enough to say anything, mind you. So she'll lurk around hoping that he notices her.

After all, just imagine what she could do with that sort of a god on her side?]

Edward Nigma / The Riddler | DC Comics

[Who's that walking down the street? None other than Edward Nashton, the Quizmaster. A cunning, clever superhero known for his incredible genius and overwhelming altruism, taking his fight against the Crime Syndicate of America.]

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Ah, no, that's not it either... hn... where did I--

[Hm? Someone said something about someone walking down the street? Nusakan simply has no idea what you're talking ab--]

Oof! [... Oh. He walked into someone again... his glasses go flying and the young(?) man stumbles backward, several pages of notes fluttering out of their hastily-gathered pile. The doctor grabs fruitlessly at them as the wind makes them flutter off further.] A-ah! My notes-- I mean-- I'm sorry, I didn't mean to run into you!

(Deleted comment)

Kimihiro Watanuki | xxxHolic

[Since he supplanted his predecessor and removed himself from the flow of time, Kimihiro Watanuki has slowly been building his power, using his position as the shopkeeper to bring the spirit world into his debt, distancing himself from the outside world, and hiding from reality. His humanity matters far less to him than it once did; the most important thing to him is power.

...and making sure Yuuko doesn't reappear to reclaim the shop from him, of course. Heaven forbid she ever return to interfere. He will keep her out of his new existence by any means necessary if it allows him to continue keeping control of the shop between dimensions.

Under it all, though, he's just a selfish boy-- filled with a deep-seated mistrust of other people, desperately trying to forget the world he once inhabited, and out entirely for his own ends. But, well, there's only one Space-Time Witch-- so come on. Make a deal with this shopkeeper.]

[Rikku comes in, all sex and guile and...well, it's Rikku, she can't help but have some adorableness, though it's not as obvious as her sexiness]


Kuchiki Rukia | Bleach

[Rukia is no stranger to flirting to get what she wants, though in truth she's kind of a haughty bitch. Cold and calculating underneath it all, she uses her position as a noblewoman to her advantage. While she has skills, she'd prefer not having to work for things.

And nothing is ever, ever her fault.]

You're looking stunning today, Kuchiki-san.

Garviel Loken: Horus Heresy: Warhammer 40k

[So who's the biggest asshole Angry Marine on the block, reading to punch a xenos in the face and crap on your planet just for not saluting him? Garviel loken, that's who. And he's PISSED AT YOU.]

Megatron | Transformers: G1, though he'll be played from the canon mirrorverse, Shattered Glass

[That's right. Megatron is the leader of the heroic faction of Decepticons, the only ones brave enough to stand up to the tyrannical and insane Optimus Prime. A former mathematician and lecturer, Megatron predicted the war with math, and gathered all those willing to fight for peace under his banner.

Well? Will you join him in his effort to right the wrongs of the Autobots?

Long time no see, Megatron.

['Till all are gone, Megatron. The Autobot Imperium will triumph, and you will be a rusted out shell on my wall.]

[Hinamori Momo, the most manipulative, power-hungry, and adorable (when she's not trying to murder you) shinigami in Soul Society. She knows all your secrets, or will at least make you think she does. Matched only by Kira in her canniness, she totally tops her captain, is willing to stab whoever she needs to in order to carry out her schemes...

All hidden behind that sweet smile.]

Denzel Crocker: Fairly Oddparents

[Standing tall and not hunch back, proud and confident with long flowing hair with a huge grin across his face. That's Mr. Crocker. Professor Denzel Crocker to exact. Feel free to knock on his door and tell him about your troubles. He is after all a licensed therapist or just stop in to chat. Just don't talk about magic. That's crazy!]

Edgar Roni Figaro | Final Fantasy VI

[If you were more familiar with the original versions, you might at first mistake this as Sabin dressed in Edgar's outfit. Nope! Have the king Emperor of Figrao, Edgar! He rules the desert with an iron fist, giving not a shit about his people, only about getting more power. And the best way to do it? BRUTE FORCE, OBVIOUSLY. Fuck subtlety. It's rumored that he forced Sabin out of the kingdom so he could have the throne to himself.

... also, he's 110% gay. Gentlemen, beware!]

Professor Layton || Professor Layton

[In an office in the highest, most secure building in London sits the man that runs London from the shadows. The once kind Professor Layton has become a manipulative bastard who will stop at nothing to reach his goal, even it if means crushing a person or two to get it.]

Eridan Ampora | Hivebent

While normal Eridan is awkward as fuck around pretty much everyone do to his various and sundry romantic aspirations, everyone's favorite nautical nightmare is now one smooth operator. He gets all the trolls. All of them. Also he loves land-dwellers with all his expanding and collapsing aquatic-based vascular system, and his moirail has rather flushed aspirations up her sleeve.

[Who's the coldest, hardest bounty hunter in the galaxy? Not Samus, that's for sure! She's more about doing what feels right and helping other people than she is about vengeance and getting the mission done. And she's so happy and open and outgoing and has no inner demons whatsoever! And she's happy to see you, whoever you are!]

Dr. Nusakan | SaGa Frontier

[Doctor Nusakan is absently looking over his notes, papers fluttering as pages turn. And frankly? You may have thought he was attentive and at least a little creepy, but this man is... very much not.

In fact, he's so inattentive that he may just be running right into you! Do try not to crush his glasses if they fall off his face...]

Mitarashi Anko | Naruto

[Shy, soft-spoken, and polite, Anko is, despite all that, not a bad ninja. She's also deceptively ruthless, willing to do anything for a little more behind-the-scenes power, though you wouldn't know it to look at her. She's not flashy or out-there. She doesn't hate her old teacher either, since she rather likes the extra powers he gave her, and she's only with Konoha for convenience's sake.

Oh and she prefers to wear pants. Skirts are too inconvenient.

( ( Once cheerful and optimistic, the Spain you meet today is emotionless. If you encounter this Spaniard, you will be greeted with an empty smile. ) )

[Ash Ketchum, a hero for the ages. A cheerful young lad always out to help those in need.

... Or not. This 24 year old man will kick your teeth in and then paralyse you with his Raichu if you as much as look at him wrong.]

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Ema Skye | Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney

[What's the opposite of a Lawful Good (if sometimes cranky) aspiring forensic scientist who helps solve crimes?

A Chaotic Evil (if sometimes affable) incredibly-successful mad scientist who commits them!

Mirror-verse Ema Skye is currently clad in a white lab-coat style dress, black PCV gloves and matching thigh-high boots, and a fantastic pair of mad scientist goggles. Her hair's haphazardly pulled up on top of her head, flyaways sticking out all over the place. Occasionally, she snickers or cackles; it's part of the whole mad scientist M-O.

Right now? She's bored.

Unless you find a damn good way to distract her, this probably means trouble for you.]

((ooc: Replies will be sporadic and slow--I kind of sort of have a huge paper to write for tomorrow. I just couldn't resist posting with mad scientist!Ema! XD ))

nepeta leijon | homestuck

[Nepeta is a serious and upright troll. She doesn't have that much patience for silliness of any kind and is a bit of a stickler for hygiene and decorum. She gets easily annoyed by talk of romance, believing any sort of extreme emotion to be weak and/or misguided. Usually she is pretty good at coming off the stoic.

She dislikes all animals of anykind, but particularly cats so no rewards for guessing how she feels about her own lusus and catlike appearance. She is always dressed rather impeccably and speaks in a very clear and moderate tone.]

Flynn Scifo | Tales of Vesperia

[The once shiny silver and blue armor is gone, replaced with battered dark colors that look like they've seen more bloodshed then can possibly be sane. That familiar straight posture is the same, yet while Flynn normally gives off the air of competent pride, this is more looming domination.

And a very very unpleasant smirk]

vriska serket | homestuck

[Vriska is the exact opposite of a bitch- she's quiet, humble, and even sweet to those around her. She loves having fun, but winning isn't everything to her and she'd much rather play fun and 'safe' games instead of those dangerous ones that involve needless killing. Where's the fun in that?

Of course she still has to feed her lusus and it gets a bit problematic when Vriska feels bad for killing innocent trolls, but what can you do? Vriska always enjoys keeping things neat and organized, she hates when things get messy and chaotic. She also hates spiders (they give her nightmares) and using her psychic powers gives her headaches so she almost never uses her mind tricks on other trolls. When she speaks it is quietly and not drawn out, like her polar opposite.]

Hello, Miss. Serket. [Nepeta is dressed as professionally as is to be expected. As someone of a higher caste than her, she gives Vriska a proper bow of her head but nothing else.

She folds her arms behind her]

How are you faring today?


[Karkat as a mirror is quiet, don't care about his blood color, and rarely speaks up. He lacks ambition, he lacks passion, and is accepting of his outcast station in life. The unknown, the silence troll who knows how to use his sickle to bring and end to your life. Because while he accepts his station he isn't going to get culled easily. He rejects troll society standards.

They don't know him. He doesn't care about them. He doesn't try to fit in. And he is secure in who and what he is. He's the odd number. The unique quotient and he likes it that way. That aside when you do talk to him, he listens more than he speaks. He types in gray with all lowercase. He's patient, hardly demanding. When he gives advice you know it to be true and sure. Often researched first. He is incapable of hate, or passion. A troll broken in ways not even Vriska or Tarvos were. What he wants, he leaves be. More observer than doer, he leaves video games alone, and when forced to play he sticks to the shadows. A solo level grinder and will never ever lead.

He doesn't care if you get hurt. Not his problem. he barely remembers any ways.]

[Smiling brightly at him, hands twisted together.] Hey, Karkat!


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