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Information and permissions post: Mitarashi Anko (OU - Adstringendum)
scarysnakelady wrote in nest_of_magpies
This post is for Mitarashi Anko (OU), currently at adstringendum

Name: Anne/Anko (I've gone by this name..longer than I've played the character...)
LJ: tsukara
Contact: Email:
AIM: thetsukara

Series: Naruto
Character: Mitarashi Anko
Timeline: Mid-time-skip, about a year after. So no one but Sandaime has died. :c
Personality: Loud is the first word that comes to mind when speaking of Anko. Boisterous, brash, bordering on rude, and beautiful but deadly are some others that quickly follow on this. Ask further, and you might get details like the fact that she likes food and drink, especially liquor and sweets. It's hard not to notice Anko--when she wants you to.

The fact of the matter is that Mitarashi Anko is a highly trained and skilled kunoichi, a female shinobi. While the above is a part of her personality, it also serves as a front. Contrary to that appearance, she can be serious, deadly so, noticing details others might not, and constantly picking up information. She's also slightly sadistic, amused whenever people have brought something painful upon themselves through either stupidity or choice. She's good at scaring people, mostly because of this, making her a good choice, in some people's eyes, for her job.

Underneath all of that though, she hides a darker center. After her former master cursed and then abandoned her, she tends not to let people in, or show what she's really feeling, behind that front, cautious of trusting anyone like that again; this can make relationships with her sometimes strained.

Instead of letting other people close, she uses her sexuality as just another weapon in her arsenal. She's used to pain, death, and fighting, because of her occupation, and the fact that she grew up and was trained during a war. When she needs to get close to someone, either for information or in order to kill them there is no length she won’t go to in order to accomplish her mission. There is almost no loyalty higher than the completion of the mission. Almost.

Anko, in school, was an okay student. Nothing really made her stand out from the rest of the students in her class, save her loud, boisterous attitude, even then. She was a tomboy, preferring shorts to skirts and dango over flowers. Upon graduation, when most of her classmates were sorted into groups of three to train under jounin, Anko was hand-picked by none other than one of the three legendary ninja of the village: Orochimaru.

It was under his tutelage that she would learn to be a good ninja, though never with the capacity for greatness. He taught her techniques that were forbidden, had her help with his research on occasion (though it horrified her) and assured her that all was well, and that the leader of the village knew everything.

And then he used her in one of his experiments. Ten subjects were subjected to what he called a Cursed Seal of Heaven. The seal cause so much stress and pain on their bodies that nine of them died. The only one to survive was Anko. But Orochimaru was finished with her. He had decided she was lacking the will to seek power, like he was, and thus was of no further use to her. He offered her the chance to tag along anyways, but she, heart-broken and rejected, declined this mockery of an offer. He took her memories of this time.

She was found outside the cave by three ANBU, and taken back to the village, where the curse was sealed over so that she could not access its power unwittingly. From there, she trained and studied to become a Special Jonin in the village, a loyal member.

She proctored the second part of the chuunin exam that Naruto's group of students participated in. It was during this test, in the Forest of Death, that she encountered her old master once more, in the disguise of a student from the Sound Village—whose face he had ripped off and put over his own.

Going after him, she failed to kill him using a forbidden suicide technique, and he brought her seal to the surface again, incapacitating her. She couldn’t stop him carrying out his plans.

Anko is still a trusted member of the village, though the hokage, Tsunade, isn’t entirely sure what to think of her, due to their association with Orochimaru and Anko's memory loss.

Abilities/Additional Notes: Anko is a shinobi, and further more a kunoichi. Shinobi train to be spies and fierce fighters. The philosophy and way of the shinobi is instilled in them from a young age, and is especially strong in Anko from having grown up in a war. Shinobi can blend in, disappear, or make themselves obvious whenever they so choose. Anko has sex appeal, and she knows it, and nothing stops her from using her body as just another weapon.

She is has extremely fast reflexes, due to this training and favors knife-like kunai as weapons--when she uses weapons. More often she uses chakra, bodily energy harnessed as power, to perform techniques.

Her elemental techniques are fire ones, and she has a fairly good knowledge of genjutsu (illusions). She can summon up to four smaller snakes or one large one, though the chakra drain is different.

There's one last technique she can use, but only once. Twin Snakes Mutual Death. It is a suicide technique that kills both the user and target with deadly poison--but only if the user is able to capture and manipulate one of the intended victim's hands.

Anko carries the Cursed Seal of Heaven on her neck, but strives to not use its power, ever. She knows its corruption, and that she wouldn't be strong enough to fight it. Orochimaru (and possibly others that can manipulate chakra at such a level) can activate her curse seal and incapacitate her with that pain.

She has other weaknesses as well. Anko can sometimes miss subtle details or problems that others of her level of training would pick up on. She drinks too much, eats too much food that isn't particularly healthy (she has a weakness for dango, sweet dumplings, and anything sweet red bean flavored). She has a bit of a complex about not being good enough, or being trash (when it's extreme), stemming from Orochimaru's abandonment of her.

Sample Journal Post: [Anko narrows her eyes at the little communicator, suspicious, but cognizant that it may be useful]

A network thing? I think I get it. Just a little more complex than the systems back home, huh?

Speaking of! Where the hell is this? There seem to be quite a few familiar faces here, why not tell me what's going on, hm?

Sample RP:
Well, this was interesting. A strange and new place, where Anko knew none of the buildings, places, or people. Now, normally this was a cause for excitement for Anko, getting to see new and different things, getting to explore, getting to spy on or kill new and exciting people.

Normally, however, she'd have intelligence. She'd know where she was going, how she was getting there, and what needed doing.

Normality wasn't passing out (something Anko Did Not Do); waking up on a park bench in the middle of a city that was most decidedly not Konoha (Konoha never had buildings that big, towering, or run-down, for one) just added to the weirdness, uncertainty, and all-around not-normal-ness of this morning.

At least, she thought it was morning.

Pushing herself up on her elbows, her head protesting, probably from whatever had knocked her out in the first place, Anko observed her surroundings, trying to figure out where 'here' was, first and foremost.

Second was finding someone to bother for information. Or, if they were reluctant, she could beat it out of them, she thought with a smile, swinging her feet to the ground and standing into a stretch.

She rather hoped they'd be reluctant.

Name: Mitarashi Anko (surname first)
Age: 24
Birthday: October 24th
Height: 5'5"/167 cm
Weight: 101 lbs/45.8 kg
Eyes: Hazel-ish
Hair: dull purple
Medical Info: Very fit, very athletic. Has obviously been through a lot, physically.

Physical traits: Tattoo-like curse seal on the curve of her neck, almost on her back, left side. Black. Several light scars (she has good healing): An old stab wound, lower right back, very light; Left knee, the roughest-healed of all the scars, also the oldest.

What's okay to mention around her: Anything. She might snark at you for most some things though, be warned.

Abilities: Jutsu! And stuff. It's a fairly long list that includes things like summoning snakes, and leaping from tree to tree and forbidden suicide jutsus. Ask for specifics and I will happily explain.

Notes for the Psychics: Anko has trained to strengthen her mind against lower-level mental powers and illusions. Obviously anyone pretty powerful will be able to break through these defenses. She stands no chance against things like the Mangekyou Sharingan and other mind-fuckery. What they find on the other side? It looks jumbled, but that's just because others don't know her thought-patterns. Which are odd.

Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/spit at/step on/etc?: Up for anything, though she might kick your ass for it. Less mundane things, a heads-up would be appreciated.

Molest/break limbs/torture/etc?: Mun says go for it! 8D A warning to the player might be appreciated, but Anne is an evil thing that likes to torture her muses.

Maim/Murder/Death: YOU CAN TRY. Seriously? She's a ninja, and no stranger to getting fucked up but good. Death only if there's the opportunity to come back from it later, please.

Kissing/Hugging: GO FOR IT. Be warned, results may vary, usually towards the molesty on her side.

Hit me up here, or on a PM if you want to RP with this character.

Same with con-crit. Hit me up here or visit my thread on the latest HMD meme.


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