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scarysnakelady wrote in nest_of_magpies
The sky outside her tiny square of a window was the color of a monitor, plugged into a dead source. Of course, having even that much sky in the tall, cramped, building she was currently hold up in was a luxury in and of itself, even if it was pretty much drowned out by the glare of the three computer monitors--all plugged into very live sources--around her.

It was a comparably light set-up, when set against some of the larger operations she'd pulled off, with whole vans full of equipment, but it would do. This was a light, mobile set-up, and besides, shed only been hired to do a little monitoring of a system with minimal security. A small piece of a much larger puzzle that she was very much not in charge of putting together. But that was mostly done with, unless the data points she'd already flagged popped up in the system again, so she had some time to kill.

And while she could have killed it browsing the internet for cute pictures of snakes or porn or something. But recently she'd found herself involved in something for more interesting. Or, someone, to be more precise. Someone who seemed to be active on the network right this moment, she noticed with a grin.

Adjusting her green-enameled headset to a more comfortable place, Anko pulled on of the many keyboards scattered around into her lap and typed out an IM.

SnakeLady: hey fireCrotch, you on for business or fun tonight?

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Unlike the mysterious troll currently IMing him, Reno had a nice, fairly spacious office with several windows. The windows all had their auto-tint set to seventy-five percent (he had been too lazy to fix it once the sun went down), but still. Windows! The perks of being part of ShinRa's elite. Said perks also included awesome health insurance, the best computers anywhere, and free reign of all the new software and hardware. The neuro-mouse R&D had come up with was the best thing ever.

Now if only they had invented a hands-free keyboard...

ElectricFire: You're gonna bug me no matter what, so why ask?

It wasn't as if this place was her home or even her office--just a throw-away IP, basically. But her headset (with all its many features and fetching green-with-silver-highlights) went with her anywhere.

SnakeLady: true, but if you're working I may get to interrupt something actually important, which is always fun.

SnakeLady: though if youre just playin, I suppose ruining your fun is fun too

ElectricFire: I'm only here today to make it look like we're busy

ElectricFire: basically, there ain't shit to do but the boss don't want people to know that

EletricFire: so far I've won twenty games of mah-jong and figured out that all the good sites are blocked

That reminded him. He needed to crash the dumbass who suggested blocking Reno's porn sites's computer.

ElectricFire: which means you're in luck--I ain't gonna tell you to fuck off, snakebitch

She laughed as the messages popped up on her screen one by one, pulling open a mini-fridge under the flimsy desk, she took out a fairly-cold can and popped it open, taking a sip before replying.

SnakeLady: what, you havent figured otu the way around your own work's blockers yet?

SnakeLady: and here i thought you said you were good

SnakeLady: but whatever there's no good recent uploads anyway. not in your kinks at least

Beer, apparently, instead of the soda she had meant to grab. Well, she'd have one of those next then. Oh well.

SnakeLady: guess we've both got time to kill then

ElectricFire: I did. They have new ones, and I can't unblock 'em from the office

ElectricFire: bye bye paycheck

ElectricFire: why is it so damn hard to get quality porn?

A totally valid question. Reno didn't ask for much, but apparently what he did ask for was really hard to find if you wanted decent shit.

SnakeLady: b/c the women are bored as fuck and the men arent allowed to cum too soon

SnakeLady: and unless that's your kink...

SnakeLady: also was anyone ever really into watching some fake blonde gargle a cock for 20 min straight? really?

ElectricFire: good point

ElectricFire: ain't interested in real blondes all that much either

ElectricFire: specially not when they suck at sex

SnakeLady: most of em arent real blondes anyway. not that you can tell but

SnakeLady: wait

SnakeLady: why the fuck are you still at work if the porn is blocked and you're doing fuckall besides?

Anko took a long sip of the weak beer while waiting for a reply to that conundrum.

ElectricFire: whoever volunteered to come in and fake 'busy' gets the weekend off and first dibs on the new headseat that just came in

ElectricFire: so naturally I offered because hey, free shit and a free weekend fuck yeah

ElectricFire: come to find out I'm the only one who can use the fucking thing anyway

ElectricFire: everyone else is too chicken to get the implants

ElectricFire: but hey, free weekend

He really didn't get the issue with the implants. They were harmless, and were insanely useful, since most of the newest gear needed them. Plus his looked liked tattoos under his eyes, so there was that.

Anko winced at his mention, involuntarily rubbing the back of her neck where a tattoo-like mark of her own rested, and then flinched again at the cold wetness of her fingers thanks to the can's condensation. She sighed.

SnakeLady: that'll be nice at least

SnakeLady: and just what were you planningo n doing with that whooooole free weekend

SnakeLady: if youd indulge a ladys curiosity

ElectricFire: probably be a lazy ass at home

ElectricFire: it's been fucking forever since I did nothing

ElectricFire: also been forever since there was any fucking in my life, but what can you do?

ElectricFire: chicks don't seem to dig my job and the hours I have

SnakeLady: lol cant imagine why

SnakeLady: after all who could resist someone whose hours are 'whenever the fuck the boss feels like we should come in and do shit'?

SnakeLady: besides then you go and spend all your free time on the network

SnakeLady: and chicks don't like that

ElectricFire: preachin' to the choir

ElectricFire: and I don't live anywhere near where the hookers work

ElectricFire: and escorts don't like me and my kinks

SnakeLady: clearly the solution is to move to a worse neighborhood

SnakeLady: or try online dating lol

SnakeLady: got those inplants and all, after all

ElectricFire: ain't allowed

ElectricFire: can't run background checks on some of the girls who use those sites

ElectricFire: besides, most of 'em are lying bitches

ElectricFire: "open to anything" my ass

SnakeLady: oh no how terrible

SnakeLady: what IS a boy to do

SnakeLady: guess that means you might actually have to get a life of some kind, fire crotch

so, when/do we want them to meet irl? XD

ElectricFire: easier said than done, snake bitch.

A rookie came by with a file for him to look over later--probably just some BS from Tseng to make him look busier.

SnakeLady: someday I will use that as my handle for a little while just to spite you

SnakeLady: on a completely different note, what company was it you said you worked for?

Anko tapped a finger against the side of the can absently before reaching out to her keyboard, switching over to a file she had been sent an hour or so earlier from a superior.

ElectricFire: ShinRa Electric.

ElectricFire: why?

SnakeLady: haha really?

SnakeLady: this should be even more fun than I thought it was gonna be then, if thats the case

ElectricFire: what?

ElectricFire: wait don't tell me...

SnakeLady: yeah didn't you hear?

SnakeLady: it seems one shinra electric needs to bring in a little 'independent contracting' for a 'project'

SnakeLady: I wonder what project that could be~

ElectricFire: fuck man

ElectricFire: we hired you to help with that, heh, corporate takeover?

By which he meant 'hack into that company's network, cause as much trouble as possible, and maybe kill a few programmers'.

Anko grinned at the screen, abandoning her drink in favor of this.

SnakeLady: well not me specifically so much as

SnakeLady: they wanted someone good at shit i happen to be good at

SnakeLady: and they specifically requested someone who can face-to-face it first

SnakeLady: soooooo guess where i'll be tomorrow morning at o'fuck'hundred hours

ElectricFire: standin' in the boss's office getting an earful?

ElectricFire: I'll make sure coffee's ready, cuz you're gonna need it.

SnakeLady: as a freelancer I have perogative to ignore anything that doesn't help me get the job done you know

SnakeLady: but coffee would be nice

SnakeLady: or energy drinks maybe lol

Snickering, Anko checked her other feeds, surprised to find a ping on one. Looked like she had some work to do tonight after all.

SnakeLady: speaking of, job calls

SnakeLady: i'm finally gonna get to see that red head of yours tomorrow, right?

ElectricFire: prolly

ElectricFire: assumin' the boss has me on call

ElectricFire: also you're gonna fuckin' need the coffee after dealing with Tseng.

SnakeLady: which ones tseng?

SnakeLady: cold-looking asian guy or the blonde one?

SnakeLady: (both totally fuckable looking, btw)

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